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    John W. Lahr
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Watching Your Diet? Focus on Vision Health

Vision health advice from John Lahr, O.D., FAAO Forget the carrots. American diets generally include plenty of vitamin A. There’s no advantage in consuming more through supplements or through food.  … Read more

Diabetes and Your Eyes

If you’re one of the more than 26 million Americans with diabetes,1 you know how important it is to take good care of yourself. That includes watching your blood sugar, watching your diet—and looking out for … Read more

Helping Baby See

During the first year of life, your baby is growing, learning and developing in countless ways, including building critical basic vision skills. Helping your child develop his or her eyesight can be easy and fun with … Read more

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10 Signs You Might Need Glasses 

It's estimated that about half of all Americans wear corrective lenses. But there are millions more who could use a pair.1 Many people have lived with poor vision for such a long time, they simply don't realize they … Read more

Make a Date for Your Eyes: Your Annual Exam

You may think you need an eye exam only when it’s time to update your eyewear prescription. But the truth is, eye exams are about a lot more than seeing whether you need a new pair of glasses or contacts … Read more

The Cure for the Common Vision Problem

Finding the world around you a little out of focus lately? You're in good company. More than 75 percent of Americans require vision correction. While a vision problem can put a damper on your daily activities, in many … Read more

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